Heehee it me jam jam

Trying this site out :). I'm Jamie, go by Him/he and they/them. I have a interest in Cookie Run, Moomin, Steven Universe, and many more. I can say I went on this site before it gets more popular. LMAO

Oop I am alive

Sorry I hadn't been active on here at all! o-o

Take this drawing of me as a cookie. I'd be known as either Blue Raspberry Cookie or Artist Cookie ovo

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trans rights are human rights

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This is not a dashboard. This is Waterfall. It is a splashboard

So cookie run

Teehee all the cookies are gay. Even if this isn’t tumblr, they’re all still gay.

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hey gays my dash is REALLY empty so rb if u post content abt:

dc comics (specifically batman related stuff and stuff abt the creeper, but general dc is fine too!!!)

cookie run

spiderman: into the spiderverse

evillious chronicles


Hewwo owo I made a new blog

uwu I love cookie run, moomin, Steven Universe, and I LOVE creating original characters! <3